Robert J.H. van Helsdingen
Soesterbergsestraat 120B
3768 EL  Soest
The Netherlands

Born in Djakarta (Indonesia) August 18, 1948


Various courses in the area of structured programming, systems analysis and design, methodologies and techniques, database design, on-line systems design, data management, accounting, project management, operational management, sales, auditing, administrative organization, human skills, etc.
Knowledge obtained with internal training and/or participation in study groups on banking, life and credit insurance’s, information gathering for strategic decisions.
Working knowledge of the Dutch, English, French and German languages.
Specific knowledge of database design, data management, on-line processing systems, graphical presentation environments, output distribution, change-, configuration-, problem management procedures, as well as information technology in general.

Management training courses, including e.g. personal qualities, time management, efficient reading, project management, macro economics, management of change, e-business & e-commerce, customer activity cycles and business strategy.

Business Experience

2005 – today

DOB Management BV

As director and only shareholder of DOB Management BV responsible for all activities within DOB and thus the company as a whole. Mainly performed interim management activities, among which the role of COO/CFO with PR Aviation BV.
A team of 3 developers have developed web applications for several companies, such as a special site / product for restaurant discounts, a telecom contract extension validation tool and a function for printing sales action window banners, among others.

In the role of liaison officer / project manager responsible for the proper interaction and understanding between the IT Services teams and the end-users/customers.

2002 - 2009

PR Aviation BV

As member of the Management Board of PR Aviation BV responsible for IT Services (e.g. functional design wegolo website and Elsy Arres application, project management & coordination of all the development & maintenance activities performed by a team of 8 IT staff members), Operations (e.g. day-to-day management of accounts, liaison with contract partners, customer support, management customer support team, legal issues), Finance and partly for Sales (e.g. technical and financial support of all new contract partners and affiliates).

Personally invested time and money in turning PR Aviation into a profitable company within 3 years.

1993 - 2005

ITS of Atradius, formerly known as Gerling NCM, or NCM (Dutch Credit Insurance Company)

2002 - 2005

In the role of Manager of Development Namur responsible for all maintenance and development activities of the IS-team in Namur (Belgium) and as Project Manager for several group wide projects, including Atradius’ Collections & reimbursement system SCORE. Also acted as the liaison between the ITS departments of Cardiff and Amsterdam with the one in Namur.

2000 - 2002

In the role of Manager of Operations responsible for Service Management (e.g. Change Management, Problem Management, Configuration Management, Service Level Agreements Management, Help Desks), Systems Management, Data & Application Management and Data, Telecommunications & Internet (including R&D and Network Services & Support) group/world wide. Main focus is on sustainability, stability, flexibility, growth, consistency, maintainability and on providing services in accordance with the service level agreements and the governance model.

1997 - 1999

In the role of Manager of Maintenance responsible for maintaining and enhancing all application systems world wide and system wide, as well as for the realization of ‘small’ projects. The latter included, amongst others, the integration of the Danish EKR office within the NCM architecture and infrastructure.

1994 - 1996

In the role of Project Manager responsible for the NCM Network Services & Implementation (NETSI) project. The project consisted of the design and implementation of one Wide Area Network (WAN) together with AT&T for the NCM Group world wide, of standard Local Area Networks (LAN) together with IBM for each of the Head-, Regional- and Satellite Offices world wide, the implementation of Service Level Agreements with the third parties involved and the implementation of Integrated Systems Management tools. The project also included part of the implementation of ITIL procedures, specifically Problem, Configuration and Change Management procedures.

1993 - 1994

Transferred from NCM A/S Phoenix to the NCM to ensure, in the role of Project Manager, proper integration and migration of the ProForm Presentation Management product within the new NCM IT Application Architecture.

1988 - 1993

NCM A/S Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona, US

As Project Manager responsible for the development of the Bull dedicated software products BIFM (Bull Integrated Forms Manager) and IRDS8 Facilities (Integrated Resource Dictionary System Facilities). Actually designed the GUI workstation (DOS/Windows) components of BIFM, which was renamed to ProForm. The project varied from 8 to 24 people, including contractors.
As Director of Product Engineering responsible for the development of all software products developed and maintained in Phoenix. The department at that time employed 15 people and, in addition, contracted up to 10 people.

1984 - 1988

Zwitserleven (Swiss Life)

As IT Manager responsible for the daily management of the IT department consisting of 40 employees divided into 3 sub-departments, as well as for the strategic policies of IT within the company. Responsibilities included among others the preparation of an Information and Automation Requirements Document, preparing and controlling the IT budgets, the purchase of hard- and software, project scheduling and control, research and implementation of new methodologies and techniques, auditing existing applications, and Project Management.
The latter included management of the Individual Life Insurance System, Group Life Insurance System, Accounting System and Investment System projects. Actually involved in writing the Functional Requirements and Design Specifications. The project teams contained a mix of developers and end users, and varied from 10 to 15 people per project.

1978 - 1984

CMG (Computer Management Group)

In the period ‘78-’80 contracted out to the Administrative Organization department of the RABO Bank as Information Analyst and Systems Designer, to represent that department in the development of the Foreign Payments Traffic System. The responsibilities included the preparation of the functional design for the Central Dutch Bank Reporting and the Payments Input Processing systems, data management activities, introducing user interface procedures and auditing the new administrative procedures.
In the period ‘80-’82 as Associated Director within CMG responsible for a team of employees servicing a specific market segment. Responsibilities included daily management, sales, training, recruitment, administration, trouble-shooting, participation in company’s strategic policies, scheduling, marketing, job-control and customer support.

In the period ‘82-’84 contracted to Zwitserleven as Project Manager for various new projects and as interim EDP/IP Manager. During this period involved in the design and implementation of a Corporate Repository containing meta information on all internal business processes, applications, elements, functions, files and their relationships.

1976 - 1978

NCM (Dutch Credit Insurance Company) 

As Manager of the Systems Management department and member of the EDP/IT Management Team actively participated in and responsible for the design and realization of the NCM Data Base, the design of the Internal Transaction Processing System (ITPS), systems support, data management, and maintenance of existing applications, next to the daily management of the department.  

1974 - 1976

CMG (Computer Management Group)

As Senior Consultant participated in a number of projects for several customers. These projects included among others, auditing the quality and procedures of the NCM EDP/IT departments, design and implementation activities for ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia and for a hospital in Zaandam.

1972 - 1974

Interdat (NINO AG) in Nordhorn, Germany

Started as Team Coordinator of a team of 6 systems analysts and programmers, responsible for the innovation of several administrative applications for NINO AG (a textile factory) and for third parties. The activities included coaching and support of the team, systems design, implementation, trouble-shooting and communications with the customers and end users.
In the second period as Interim EDP Manager of their Operations Department responsible for 50 employees divided over 4 sub-departments. This role was offered based on an organization study and a proposal for reorganization conducted at own initiative. The main responsibilities, next to daily management, were the reorganization of the department and the introduction of new standards and procedures.

1970 - 1972

Time-Life International

As programmer and later as Systems Analyst actively involved in several development projects, all part of the ‘books’ section within the company.


As a member of a study group of the NIBIN and later (‘88) of the COMGE, two large institutions / user organizations in the Netherlands, participated in preparing a report and as one of the speakers on the subject of Strategic Information.
Conducted lectures in- and outside the Netherlands on different subjects, e.g. KRIS (Credit Registration & Information System), SOLD (Structured on-line Development tool), usage of PC workstations within an organization, Information Resources and OPD (Output Production and Distribution).
Started in 1999 with the development of a web based encyclopedia on aviation using web development tools. This work has not been completed yet, but has lead to the development of a commercial website together with two partners. This website focuses on low cost airlines world-wide and offers various services to air travelers.


Collecting comic books and graphical novels, aviation, modeling, creation of a website, work.