DOB’s portfolio is twofold: results, successen, products and services realized by Robert van Helsdingen as employee within various organizations and by him under the umbrella of DOB Management BV.

Robert’s resume mainly addresses his roles, responsabilities and achievements as employee.

As part of DOB:


Flylowcost.com was the first website developed, which focused entirely on the so called low cost or budget airlines, such as Southwest, EasyJet and Ryanair.
The site not only covered all low cost airlines worldwide, but also showed their timetables and connections across different airlines.
For actually searching and booking available flights, the site linked to the actual airline’s website.

Much general information for travelers was offered as well.

The flylowcost.com website was replaced by the wegolo website in 2005.


wegolo offers the best flights and mixed roundtrips for the lowest possible fare whether for a business trip, a leisure travel tour or cultural city hopping!

Just search, compare, select and book cheap flights in a few simple steps!

A complete and very detailed functional design was created, which formed the basis for the actual development performed in partnership between PR Aviation and Webergy AG.

Wegolo was available to third parties through affiliate programs as well as through so called white label B2B programs, whereby the look-and-feel was in meeting the third party’s requirements.

Elsy Arres

ElsyArres is the name of the centralized Low Cost Reservation System. The most advanced, flexible and leading online reservation system on the market for flights with all airlines offering web based fares, point to point routes and a one way pricing concept (Low Cost / Budget airlines).

ElsyArres’ architecture is based on a unique concept designed and developed, using the latest ASP.NET server programming technology of Microsoft and Web Services technologies and standards. It provides advanced software products for ecommerce, supplier integration and distribution channel management.

PR Aviation BV

PR Aviation was founded in 2004 by four shareholders, of which Walter Goffin acted as CEO and Robert van Helsdingen as CFO/CIO.

The managing board turned PR Aviation into a good running and profitable organization.

The products ElsyArres, wegolo and 2London2 were developed and operated under the responsibility of and by PR Aviation.

All PR Aviation’s products and services were sold to the Beins Group (cheaptickets.nl) in early 2010.


2london2 offers all the low cost / fare flights to and from the 5 airports in and around London, UK.

Simply search, compare, select and book cheap flights in just a few steps!


GlobalTeens’ objective is to implement an interactive proprietary platform specifically targeted for, from and by over 200 million teenagers all over the world, providing them with a comprehensive set of user-friendly, easy and fun to use applications in a secured and semi-anonymous service environment, which can be personalized and customized by these teenagers to make GlobalTeens their own world, while e.g. enabling their creativity, expressing their emotions, gathering audience filtered information, sharing interests, publishing creations and communicating about their day-to-day lifestyles. Its uniqueness can be accredited to having all applications & services associated with personalization, creativity, communication & sharing, expression and information combined into the one and only “private” and “proprietary” platform, which fully meets the teenagers’ needs.

My Emotions

The My Emotions website provides with an opportunity to express oneself without being judged by their surrounding.

My Emotions guarantees complete anonymity! It’s safe. Clean, healthy, social and fun!

In the My Emotions pool you’ll find many different, independent and individual objects in different shapes, sizes and colors. Each individual object represents an emotion, advertorial, or information.
The Emotions are grouped and represented by a specific object. The Emotion categories, specifically of the Emotion groups Feelings, (Love) Letters and Confessions, are represented by colors, typically colors in line with a certain emotion.

You can play with the objects for hours!
Each object can be grabbed and then turned, dragged, or thrown, can push other objects aside, or collide with other objects. When bouncing against other objects, it will set these other objects in motions, causing a chain reaction of rolling, jumping and bouncing objects.

The emotion content associated with the object can be displayed, including any attached media, such as a picture, an audio, or a movie.

By moving (shaking) the window, the objects will all move (roll) into one direction, piling up in one corner of the window, or bounce up and down in the window.

My Emotions is developed in HTML5.

Additionally, a My Emotions APP has been developed, allowing for emotions to be viewed and/or created on a smart phone.

All Answers

The smart phone APP “All Answers” is based on the book with All Answers by Carol Bolt.

It is available in Dutch and English.

Simply place your thumb on the question mark, ask your question, which should be answerable with a simple yes or no, and remove your thumb when you believe the answer is there.
The APP will then answer your question.